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Corporate & Promomotional Film Making

All too often big budgets are set aside for expensive graphics and luscious photography,
but sadly, the audience interest is lost by a weak film.

Setting the right pace, the rhythm of the film is essential to keeping an audience attentive throughout. Understanding how an audience engages with film is key to successful film making for communication.

At BIGetc we have a wide range of talent to draw upon and 10 years of business experience producing for film, television and on-line targeted content.

It doesn't need to cost The Earth!

We are able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry by running a tight ship. We do not retain a large and expensive staff of editors, modellers and graphics artists in-house but work with partners who specialise in each field as needed. This means our business overheads are much lower than traditional production houses, ensuring each production's costs are entirely self-contained.

Call Alex Gater at BIGetc to see how this could work for your organisation, on 07815 795918