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Welcome to BIGetc Productions. Television, Mobile Device and Multimedia productions.

Understanding how an audience engages with film is crucial to designing content to be both effective and efficient on any chosen medium. BIGetc has been producing audio-visual content for both Internet and traditional television since 2000.

BIGetc Productions works with a team of talented individuals as needed to produce quality film, television, internet & DVD video products for a range of requirements. Our services cover initial consultancy, from choosing the right method of communication for your message from the planning, talent, music and production, through to presenting your finished film on your chosen media.

The majority of our work is for private clients wishing to communicate their message through the medium of film on the Internet.

We are also involved with youth training and are currently co-producing a documentary feature with the Kenyan Maasai, following their development of schools and farming in the 21st Century. Dancing With Lion Hunters is planned to complete in 2013 for television broadcast.

Originating as DTZ Television, BIGetc started London's first Internet-TV Station in 1999. DTZ Tv produced and directed several "mini-docs" about London life at the beginning of the new millennium, from vox-pops at Notting Hill Carnival, to interviews connecting London's young people with popular music and fashion celebrities. The station attracted significant press interest and thousands of viewers worldwide before the existence of Youtube™.

By the mid noughties we attracted the attention of MTV who engaged us to produce traditional television content, some of which is still broadcast today!